Make it snappy if you’d like some nappy pants!

Do you know any families who use nappy pants/pull-ups? If so, they might be interested to hear that we've had a large donation of size 4 and size 5 Pampers Premium Active Fit Nappy Pants at our Sharehouse in Winson Green. We've already passed lots on to local charities, women's shelters and hospitals, but we have … Continue reading Make it snappy if you’d like some nappy pants!


A Grand Day Out Gleaning

This week TRJFP Brum went on an adventure to the countryside! Joining forces with Feedback, we provided a delicious lunch for all of the lovely volunteers, as well as pitching in with the gleaning ourselves. What is gleaning, I hear you ask? Gleaning is the age-old practice of harvesting leftover crops. The UK Gleaning Network … Continue reading A Grand Day Out Gleaning