Winson Green

Sharehouse Etiquette:

We welcome everyone that wants to come and shop with us.
All we ask is that you please:

  • Respect our volunteers and each other.
  • No Parking - Access RequiredPlease park on the approach road and walk to the Sharehouse, and request taxis drop-off/pick-up there too – we need access for deliveries, as do our neighbours – there is no room for customer/volunteer cars.
  • We have trolleys and can help you to take your shopping to your vehicle if needed – please just ask.
  • Please sign in with your name and postcode – everyone is welcome, you don’t have to be local; we just like to know where people are travelling from.
  • Food is for personal use only – you cannot shop for friends/family, or to sell on. By all means tell your friends/family to come down and shop with us too, though!
  • Only take what you need and leave what you don’t – we may ask you to put some things back if you take too much of a single item – it’s only fair to leave enough for others.
  • Any questions, just ask.