Due to the current situation with coronavirus, we’re limited in our capacity to take on new volunteers in our venues at the moment. But you can still join us as a Grow Site volunteer!

We’re actively looking for Grow Site volunteers. Because it’s outside, there’s more flexibility with numbers than is possible with indoor venues. Come and join us, get a bit of fresh air and exercise and help to provide nutritious food for the local community. By growing and distributing good food locally, we’re improving people’s access to healthy food, while saving food miles and CO2 emissions from food transportation!

If growing isn’t your thing, you can still support Incredible Surplus by shopping with us, sharing and responding to our social media posts, and by telling others about us.

In time, when we’re able to take on more people again, the best way to get into volunteering with us is to come along to one of our venues to see how we work, introduce yourself and tell us how you think you’d like to help out!