Donate Surplus

Hate Throwing Things Away?

Don’t chuck it if we can use it!

We collect good quality food and other items which would otherwise be wasted and redistribute on a Pay-As-You-Feel basis.

We also are happy to receive food manufacturing waste, woodchip and anything that can be composted at our Grow Sites.

To donate, please send the details to

Or send an SMS message with the details using our text-to-email service on 07821 572 320 (text messages only)

Small or large, weekly, or whenever the need arises, just drop us a text or email and we’ll be in touch.

Here’s our handy guide to what we can and can’t accept for food distribution:

Food that is in date but surplus to requirements (overstock, label change, end of line etc)YesYes, please!
Food that is in date but partially usedNoSorry. For food hygiene reasons, we can’t take any packages that are already open – maybe try offering to a friend or neighbour instead, or via the OLIO app?
Other products that are in good condition (not broken/leaking)YesYes, please!
Food that is close to its Use By/Best Before Date or past its Best Before DateYesYes, please! (so long as its still worth eating!)
Food that is past its Use By dateNoSorry. We could get into trouble for having it, and you could get into trouble for supplying it, so please be vigilant!
Cooked/frozen food that has been labelled and stored correctlyYesYes, please (must have been cooked in an EH registered kitchen, dated and labelled with ingredients)
Cooked food that has not been stored or prepared according to EH guidelines in a registered kitchen (e.g. buffet food, leftovers you have from cooking a big family meal)NoSorry, we’re not allowed to distribute this due to food hygiene regulations.
Food without an ingredients label in EnglishNoSorry, we’re not allowed to distribute this due to food safety regulations.

Dropping Off?

Are you able to drop items to us during normal operating hours? If not, we can usually arrange someone to collect, but it’s really helpful and a good use of our volunteer time if you can.

We have regular venues all over the city on most weekdays – have a look here for addresses, maps, and opening hours. It’s usually fine to drop off a small delivery unannounced if you’re passing.

If you have a larger amount to donate, our Sharehouse in Winson Green is the best option, and it’s likely that someone could arrange to meet you there any day of the week, just contact us using one of the methods listed above.

If you need any more information, or would like to drop into one of our venues to see what we do, then we’d love to see you!