Happy Easter!

Easter is fast approaching and we want to let you know which of our venues will be closed over the Bank Holidays. Hodge Hill - the Hub will be closed on Thursday 18th AprilHobs Moat will be closed on Thursday 18th AprilLadywood Café will be closed on Friday 19th April (Good Friday)Kings Heath Café will … Continue reading Happy Easter!


Hodge Hill – The Hub closed this week (28th March 2019)

We are sorry to announce that the Hodge Hill café and boutique are closed this week (28th March 2019) due to unforeseen circumstances. Next week we will be open as usual. Apologies to everyone who was planning to attend the garden workshop. We will reschedule and let you know the new date.

Irian – a volunteer from Tahiti

There are moments in your life where you need to give your time to other people.Irian Soon we will say goodbye to volunteer Irian, a young man who grew up in Tahiti, an island part of French Polynesia in the Central South Pacific Ocean. It’s a French version of Hawaii, Irian says. In total, the … Continue reading Irian – a volunteer from Tahiti

Working With Waitrose At Hobs Moat

The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham would like to say a huge THANK YOU to in Solihull for partnering with us and supporting our Hobs Moat Community Café and Food Boutique, which we launched in May. Our dedicated volunteers collect items that Waitrose can no longer sell, and deliver them to our Hobs Moat community café. Anything that … Continue reading Working With Waitrose At Hobs Moat

We’re still happy for you to have nappies – and baby milk too!

Hello all! We've had a great response to our nappy pant surplus. Lots of people have requested them by email (see details below for what we have and how to get some), but if you haven't been in touch and would like some (or would like more!) we still have plenty left! We also have … Continue reading We’re still happy for you to have nappies – and baby milk too!

Make it snappy if you’d like some nappy pants!

Do you know any families who use nappy pants/pull-ups? If so, they might be interested to hear that we've had a large donation of size 4 and size 5 Pampers Premium Active Fit Nappy Pants at our Sharehouse in Winson Green. We've already passed lots on to local charities, women's shelters and hospitals, but we have … Continue reading Make it snappy if you’d like some nappy pants!

Extended Sharehouse Opening Hours!

Have you visited our Sharehouse* in Winson Green yet? (*a Sharehouse is a Pay-As-You-Feel supermarket - for more information click here) If no, is it because our opening days/hours didn't work for you? We have good news if that's the case; we're going to be extending our opening hours and opening on more days! Tuesdays 9:00am – … Continue reading Extended Sharehouse Opening Hours!

*No Freegan Boxes 28th April*

Hi everyone, Due to preparations for the upcoming elections, some of Ladywood Health and Community Centre will be out of use for us for a few days - including the hall we use for Freegan Boxes. We looked into alternative spaces, but there were just too many logistical issues to overcome in time, so we have … Continue reading *No Freegan Boxes 28th April*