Visiting the Sharehouse?

Hey, lovely people! We’ve got a favour to ask.

If you’re coming to visit us at the Sharehouse by car, it’s really important that you do not drive onto the Industrial Estate, but park on the access road highlighted in yellow on this map (unless you or another of the car occupants is a blue badge holder).

It’s less than 150 metres walk, we promise!

Days the Sharehouse are open can get very busy, and there just simply isn’t room for visitor parking on the estate itself.

Our neighbours on the estate need to maintain safe and easy access for delivery vehicles and so do we. In order to be mindful of others and not disrupt their businesses, or put anyone at risk of accident, we really must enforce this rule.

If we see you driving onto the estate, we will ask you to move your car.

Please be polite to our staff. We are all volunteers, doing our best, and trying to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If you choose to ignore our volunteers’ request, we can and will refuse to serve you!

For those of you who are aware of this and always abide by this rule, thank you, we really appreciate it!

Volunteers at the Sharehouse

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