How you can help Incredible Surplus

Here at Incredible Surplus, our volunteers are busier than ever! We’ve collected and redistributed an average of twenty tonnes of food each week since the beginning of January! In addition to the food redistribution, we’ve been steadily expanding what we do, redistributing a wide range of items, tending to our People’s Plot allotment, and supporting local charities and other organisations with their endeavours.

So, if you’re a kindly soul, you might be wondering how you could help?

Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions and needing to keep the number of people in spaces as low as possible, we still can’t welcome any new volunteers to help out at any of our venues right now.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t help us in other ways!

Spread the Incredible Surplus message of #SharingIsCaring!

Tell your friends about us!
Do you follow us on social media? If so, please share and like our Posts and Tweets, as this greatly helps to spread the message, not just to the people you know but it also tells the algorithms that we’re something that people are interested in, which means what we share is more likely to be shown to others!

Volunteer using a laptop to look at the Incredible Surplus Website and giving it a thumbs up.

Maybe write a review for one of our venues on Google?
You could take photos of meals you’ve made using food from Incredible Surplus and tag us on Instagram, or even film yourself cooking with Incredible Surplus food and upload to YouTube or TikTok!

Shop with us!

Do you think what we’re doing is great, and you really want to reduce your carbon footprint? Well why not shop with us? As well as getting excellent items for a PAYF donation of time, money or skills, you’re helping reduce waste at the same time – it’s win win!

Please don’t worry that you’re taking items away from other people who need them more – we promise you there’s plenty to go around! We’re all about equality – what we offer is there for everyone, and we promise you there’s LOADS. #SharingIsCaring

In fact, supporting our work in this way means that we can provide even more for those who do need it! We have vehicles, a warehouse, utilities, insurance, training costs… you get the idea. We can only offer things to those who can’t afford to give us much, if those who can, recognise the value of what we’re doing and give us what they can afford.

Reduce your own food waste!

Do your best to not buy more than you need, and plan your meals so you’re not throwing anything away. If you can’t eat it, freeze it for another day or pickle it/preserve it/dehydrate it.
If you’re stuck for ideas, have a look at

Grow your own, and donate any surplus!

You can grow your own food, even if you’ve only got a windowsill. There’s nothing tastier than fresh fruits, veggies and herbs you’ve grown yourself, why not give it a try!

If you’ve got supermarket herbs in a pot, just a little bit of extra care and attention can make them last months, if not years – why not give it a go?

Volunteers gardening at the Sharehouse

Can you sew? Why not make Morsbags?

We work in partnership with many other organisations like Scrapstore, and one excellent initiative has been to turn waste fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfill into sturdy, reusable shopping bags using a quick, simple and easy pattern from!

Volunteer wearing a turquiose Incredible Surplus t-shirt, sat at her sewing machine showing us a morsbag she has made.

These have been given away to shoppers at our Sharehouse, used to distribute craft kits, growing kits, cooking kits and many, many other things. They should last many years, and hopefully save people from buying single use plastic carrier bags, which take a ridiculously long time to decompose in landfill, or contribute to carbon emissions if incinerated.

Donate or fundraise for Incredible Surplus

We’ve seen some really incredible initiatives, like Rosalyn Clare who raised £641 in a sponsored stair climb! You can donate to us easily online via Paypal.

Rosalyn Clare wearing a red top and stripey scarf climbing the stairs in her house next to a 'Mount Snowdon' sign.

Are there ways you could help make where we live a better place?

We work in partnership with groups like Litterwatch and TAWS, both of whom have great initiatives designed to improve our local communities.
Could you adopt your street or an area nearby, and take care of it?
Maybe litter picking, planting some flowers, clean the road signs or trim back a hedge that’s overgrowing the footpath? What help would you need to make this possible?

Could you get a local group together, share seeds and plants with your neighbours? What about community composting like

Any other ideas? Let us know!

Do you have any ideas or suggestions about waste / surplus, litter or growing food locally ? We would like to hear them – message us on Facebook or Twitter. We can all make a difference.


Thank you


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