The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham- A Blog

A big thankyou to all you patient people who have subscribed and waited for The Real Junk Food Project blog! We hope to unpack for you the bizarro world of food waste as well as give a window into one of Birmingham’s most eclectic volunteering experiences, with a whole host of blog contributors as well as my occasional bits too.

Let me give you a few snapshots of what we do, in this case the various doings of the project across the last week. Last Friday was a pretty exciting and frenetic day for Junk Food Brum, with the reintroduction of our FREEGAN BOXES, our monthly NAKED LUNGS bbq, bands and bards event and our weekly two cafe services at LADYWOOD COMMUNITY CENTRE.
This meant our tireless volunteers Sedge and Thomas not only intercepting a tonne of fruit and veg from Birmingham’s cavernous Wholesale markets, but also reorganising it beautifully into individual boxes to take to addresses across Brum*.

This meant our Bob, Vinny and Liz cooking up a storm in the Ladywood Community Centre kitchen for lunchgoers and ravenous afterschool kids. This also meant Zoe, Judy, Steve and a whole host of others manning the bbq tongs and order pads in the lush setting of Digbeth Community Garden whilst saxophones squeals and poets did their thing.

This meant that 92 people were fed with food that would have been thrown away. This meant 10 people got to volunteer their time with us.

dig comm garden

This also meant that we all got to have a bloody good time!

And so, there you have a picture of a Junk Food Brum day. I know every day I spend with this project I count myself lucky. Oh and, crucially, full up!

*get one, they’re Pay-As-You-Feel, follow to order yours!


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