Where were we last weekend?

What were the Real Junk Food Project Brum team doing last saturday? SOUNDkitchen BannerWe were catering for the final 2015 SOUNDkitchen SONIC picnic of course! The SONICpicnic is one of Birmingham’s only dedicated showcases for experimental electronic music, and for their last event of the year they decided to book us, one of Birmingham’s only dedicated showcases for experimental waste food, to provide the buffet. An array of delicious salads and dips were concocted by the team, and all displayed in the haunting blue glow of the lights at Vivid Projects, the food was lent the drama it deserves! The event itself showcased some fantastic sonic collages. Artists included Manfredi Clemente, Iris Garrelfs and Justin Wiggan who recovers ‘dead vinyl’ and plays it, improvising around the harsh, primal sounds it creates. Thanks for having us and our blue food SOUNDkitchen! And readers, keep your ears to the ground for their next event in early 2016.

Ben Coverting Food
Co-director Ben coveting foodstuffs

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