Guest Post From The Clean Kilo!

Hi everyone! In a change to your usual advertised programming, here is a guest post from Tom Pell of The Clean Kilo! This is an organisation we believe has similar aims to our own, and Tom would like to ask for your support. There's just one day left if you'd like to contribute to their … Continue reading Guest Post From The Clean Kilo!

Winter Lunchtime Weds and Fri Pop-Up Cafés

We're delighted to announce that we've been able to find a venue and volunteers to run some Pop-Up lunchtime cafés over the winter break while we're locked out of our usual venues! So, if you fancy some festive fun and #feedbelliesnotbins fayre, here's where you need to come: Memorial Hall (next to Christ Church Summerfield) … Continue reading Winter Lunchtime Weds and Fri Pop-Up Cafés

Sandwich Bonanza!!!

Do you love sandwiches? We hope so! ********* UPDATE As of 4.30pm Saturday 2nd December, they sandwiches are all gone! Fantastic work everyone! ******** Do you have an event coming up between now and Sunday? Perhaps a party, or a Christmas Fayre, or a sporting fixture, or a meeting, or a church group, or a … Continue reading Sandwich Bonanza!!!

Extended Sharehouse Opening Hours!

Have you visited our Sharehouse* in Winson Green yet? (*a Sharehouse is a Pay-As-You-Feel supermarket - for more information click here) If no, is it because our opening days/hours didn't work for you? We have good news if that's the case; we're going to be extending our opening hours and opening on more days! Tuesdays 9:00am – … Continue reading Extended Sharehouse Opening Hours!

Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham

For those of you who have been watching us grow over the months and years, we have something new and exciting to share with you: This week we opened the doors of our very own Sharehouse! We've been very lucky over the past couple of years; a number of organisations have generously loaned us space free … Continue reading Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham

*No Freegan Boxes 28th April*

Hi everyone, Due to preparations for the upcoming elections, some of Ladywood Health and Community Centre will be out of use for us for a few days - including the hall we use for Freegan Boxes. We looked into alternative spaces, but there were just too many logistical issues to overcome in time, so we have … Continue reading *No Freegan Boxes 28th April*

So spaghetti doesn’t grow on trees and pasta isn’t made from meat?!

One of the best April fools jokes ever was played by the BBC when they reported on the growing of “spaghetti bushes”, showing bushes covered in spaghetti that was said to be drying in the sun after harvesting. Considering this was 1957, people could be forgiven for being taken in by this. However, it seems … Continue reading So spaghetti doesn’t grow on trees and pasta isn’t made from meat?!