Incredible Surplus on Air!

Our very own Ann Gallagher was interviewed on Unity FM on Monday 10th January, talking about Incredible Surplus, our origins as The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham, the PayAsYouFeel model we run, and our growing projects.

Mahmooda and Peter are the co-hosts of the Connecting Communities programme, and recorded this as part of their Face Footsteps For a Low-Carbon Future series of programmes to find out more about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.

Co-Director Ann Gallagher

The programme is 30 minutes long. Stacey Ennis talks about The Active Wellbeing Society first, and then Ann begins talking 10 minutes in until 24 minutes through.

Thank you to Mahmooda and Peter for inviting us onto the programme and well done to Ann for remembering everything we do!

Here is the link to hear the programme –

Connecting Communities- 10th January 2022

One thought on “Incredible Surplus on Air!

  1. I heard Ann on the BBC Food Programme

    “The issue is poverty, it’s lack of money”

    Of course it is.

    Poverty in the UK today is driven by housing costs. I can build a top quality two bed home for £45,000. Renting such a home for £300 a month would transform peoples lives and still generate an 8% return for investors.
    Better still, perhaps, if such housing were to attract housing benefit of considerably more than £300 a month would generate a surplus which could support a small farm on the same land, farmed by the people living in the homes.
    Although the Local Authority administers Housing Benefits, it’s funded by central Government, so this is a potential way to channel central Government money into the local economy.


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