TRJFP Brum May Update

Hi there! We hope this update finds you well. It’s been a few weeks since the last update, and a LOT has happened!

Firstly, let’s talk about the really astounding numbers of people we’re helping at the moment, in conjunction with The Active Wellbeing Society, Birmingham City Council and others.

We’ve supported 23,152 people since the 20th March. That’s 10,000 more than at the last update!

Our van being loaded via telehandler
Boxes of bananas and carrots
Crates full of potatoes

Without context, it’s difficult to see how this compares to TRJFP Brum activity normally, so let’s look at the amount of donated food we’ve redistributed.

The yellow line shows the amount of food we received and redistributed between 1st January and 15th May 2020, compared with the same period in previous years (blue and green). As you can see, after tracking reasonably closely with previous years until mid February, it’s now more than double!

It’s also worth saying here that despite getting significantly more food than usual, we’re regularly running short at the moment – the demand is so great. So if you have any contacts in supermarkets, wholesalers, or businesses who might be in a position to donate food, please ask them to get in touch by emailing, so we can ensure it gets to people who need it!

E-xciting developments!

It has long been our aim to have an electric vehicle, so we can make deliveries around the city emission-free. This month, through a combination of cafe/event donations, and awards from Severn Trent Water and Heart of England Community Foundation Trust, our dream came true, and we now have a lovely, almost new, electric Nissan van!

Volunteer taking a crate out of the van

This has been invaluable with all the extra collections and drop-offs, has enabled us to support other initiatives and organisations across the city, including transporting material and donation boxes for the Birmingham subgroup of For The Love Of Scrubs

As well as companies and organisations donating food and money to support the #BrumTogether initiative, individuals have also been working hard to support people in need in our communities.

Streets have banded together (in a socially distant way, of course) to collect food, carrier bags and eggboxes for us, crafty people are sewing masks and bags, and others have been undertaking energetic feats to raise money for the cause – like Rosalyn Clare who has been climbing her stairs at home the equivalent height of Snowdon, and has already raised an amazing £628!

Rosalyn Clare is climbing 329 flights of stairs at home to raise money for #BrumTogether

We’ve also reached another longed for TRJFPBrum milestone in gaining our own allotment plot! For the moment, while social distancing remains essential, no volunteers are needed, but in the future hopefully many willing volunteers can come to tend our produce and till our soil!

Our overgrown allotment plot

Lastly, if you’re fed up of your own cooking, and would like a break, we are now offering a Friday Night Pay-As-You-Feel Takeaway Service for pickup in Kings Heath!

Friday Night PAYF Takeaway - text or order via social media

For details of our PAYF collection opening times, and links for how to access support or offer your services as a volunteer, please visit our Home Page.

Until next time, look after yourselves, stay safe, and be kind.


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