Volunteers! URGENT INFO – Please Read!

A heart shap showing plates of food on a checked tablecloth

Hello lovely volunteers!

We need your help. But not in the way you might think…

Yes, we’re really busy right now. But we need you to stay home and self-isolate unless we ask you to come in.

To give the NHS a fighting chance of coping, it’s really important that covid-19 is contained as much as possible. To achieve this we need to physically distance ourselves from others.

So, please:

  • If you have any symptoms (sore throat, cough, temperature, headache) STAY HOME FOR AT LEAST 7 DAYS
  • If you’re in a house with anyone with symptoms STAY HOME FOR AT LEAST 14 DAYS from they day they first showed symptoms
  • Do not come to any TRJFP site to volunteer unless you have contacted a lead person (Dibah & Vicky at Kings Heath, Ann at Ladywood/Sharehouse) and they have said you are needed
  • Keep vigilantly washing your hands and STAY AT HOME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

We appreciate that volunteering is a really important social part of people’s lives. We also know that you guys just want to help in any way you can. We wouldn’t be asking you to STAY AT HOME unless we thought it was absolutely necessary. But it is. People’s lives will depend upon it.

If you are able to volunteer your time elsewhere, you could look on Facebook for Covid-19 groups, we know BVSC and Foodcycle are looking for assistance in Northfield, as will other local organisations – try to find out what is happening on your doorstep. As the situation evolves, we will contact you to ask for your help when we need you.

Thanks for your understanding and for your commitment to TRJFPBrum.

Stay safe and keep well.

Kind Regards

The TRJFP Team


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