Where TRJFP Brum Food Comes From

Brum Skippers

Wow! Two posts from us in two days; aren’t you lucky!

We here at The Real Junk Food Birmingham just wanted to clarify something that some of you may have seen in the media yesterday (Monday 30th January) which has caused some confusion.

There was an article at the end of the evening bulletin on BBC Midlands Today (you can watch it until 7pm today by following this link – the article starts at 22:26) about a local group called Brum Skippers (their Facebook Page is here: https://www.facebook.com/brumskippers/).

We know the Brum Skippers. Some of them have, and still do, volunteer for TRJFP Brum, and we fully support them in their efforts to fight the needless waste of perfectly edible food.

Two Brum Skippers – Amber and Zoe who have lived off skip-rescued food for the past year.

We do need to make it clear however, that the project and the café featured in the clip are not part of The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham, despite having a similar name.

None of the food supplied to the public at any of our events or venues is ever sourced in this way. We can categorically assure you that we do not and will not source food that we supply by rummaging in bins or skips. All our donated food is exactly that – donated knowingly and willingly by suppliers, manufacturers, and individuals, and it leaves their premises through official exits and mostly during daylight hours!

TRJFP Brum adheres to all Environmental Health regulations. That includes sourcing safely, recording accurately, transporting correctly, preparing carefully, and cleaning up responsibly too.

If you’re a business and you have food that is surplus to requirements, here is our handy guide to how to donate to us so we can put it to good use and #feedbelliesnotbins: trjfpbrum.com/donate/donate-food/

Many thanks
Amber (a different Amber to the Brum Skippers one! Yes, we’re everywhere!) and the rest of the TRJFP Brum Team


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