Volunteers Meeting – Friday 21st July 5pm

Hello all!

We are having a volunteers meeting at 5pm on Friday 21st of July at Ladywood Health and Community Centre. All volunteers from all areas of the project (cafes, freegan boxes, events, sharehouse – whatever!) are invited to come along and have their say.

***Sadly, due to personal circumstances, Adam Smith, the founder of TRJFP, has had to cancel his attendance. We hope to see him at another meeting sometime in the future, and would like to send Adam our very best wishes.***


If you are able to come from 4.30pm onwards, you’ll have a chance to meet some other volunteers you might not know.

Ladywood Cafe will be running on a single continuous service next Friday, so you can join us any time in the afternoon if you wish.

So join us for an hour or so to have your say, make some new friends and contribute your voice to the project!

(If you can’t make the meeting but you have any thoughts/compliments/complaints/ideas you want raised, please do pass them onto myself, Ann Gallagher, Tina Stanton, Heather Beasley or anyone else you feel happy to represent your voice! Please send on any comments by Thursday 20th July so we have time to print them 🙂 )
Many Thanks

Ann Gallagher


5 thoughts on “Volunteers Meeting – Friday 21st July 5pm

  1. Hi Ann

    Thank you for invite to the Volunteers meeting on Friday, I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend, but I would like to say that on the occasions when I have volunteered I have felt valued and welcomed.

    If I had more time I would do more but as you know I do have lots of other projects I volunteer in and I have to be careful that I leave enough time to do my own work, it’s a happy balance as it is.

    Best wishes and hope you have a good meeting from Brenda


    1. Hi Shane, I’m sorry it has taken a while to get the Sharehouse open again.

      We have had to make some essential renovations, and as we’re all volunteers with only a few hours to spare each week, it does take time to get things done.

      Many hands make light work, though! If you have some free time to come and help us, please get in touch!


      1. Hi Colleen, thanks for this, please sign up here: trjfpbrum.com/sign-up so we have your details! Kind Regards, Amber


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