TRJFP Brum proud to support Birmingham FoE Community Share offer

Birmingham Friends of the Earth Warehouse

In an earlier blog post co-director Shaz shared the details of Birmingham Friends of the Earth’s Community Share Offer:

Birmingham Friends of the Earth Community Share Offer

The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham puts sustainability at the heart of everything that we do.

We recognise that things like environmental campaigning and energy are part of the same agenda that we have for ending avoidable food waste, and so the TRJFP Brum Co-Directors are delighted to announce that they have approved an investment of £500 into the BFoE Share Offer, in the same way that we previously invested in Power For Good’s Community Share Offer.

The Crowdfunder campaign has now passed the £150,000 mark, meaning that the minimum scheme can be implemented, which is great news. 62 people have invested so far, including four of the co-directors of TRJFP Brum, demonstrating their faith in the Offer. There’s still some way to go to reach the full £240,000 target, however.

These environmental issues are all inter-connected and will take collaboration between different organisations to work towards ending these problems. We are proud to be able to support our allies in their venture and look forward to seeing the end results.

There are still a few more days before the Share Offer closes so you still have time to have a look and get involved, if you are able.



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