Freegan Boxes

Please be aware, that due to currently overwhelming demand, we are placing new requests for Freegan Box deliveries onto a waiting list. Collection requests will still be processed as normal.

We’re really sorry to have to do this, but we’ve become a victim of our own success!! When we started this, we had a mere 20 boxes to distribute. On Friday 3rd of March, it was 287!! All our drivers are volunteers, and there simply aren’t enough of us to go around.

But don’t worry, we have plans afoot to help us cope with the demand – there’s more than enough waste food, if we can just get enough people to help us collect and distribute it!

If you could help us in any way, please think about joining us as a volunteer.

Thank you for your patience

*********March 3rd 2017 Freegan Boxes


6 thoughts on “Freegan Boxes

  1. Would it not be possible for people to collect the Freegan Box from the place that the food are boxed?

    could not allotted times be given to those who can Call and Collect, with them giving small details surname, Lone Adult or Couple with children, Lone Parent? etc, boxes could be then marked with their name and time of arrival, then for those who don’t have transport volunteers could deliver?


    1. Hi Sonia,

      Boxes can be collected from the Ladywood Health and Community Centre, and yes, that is indeed where they are put together. They can also be collected from Kings Heath.

      There is an allotted time for people to call and collect their box, and yes, their names are on a list.

      For those who are unable to collect, our volunteers deliver, for the princely sum of £1.

      Kind regards



    1. Hi Carynh,

      If you fill in the order form as normal, you will automatically be added to the waiting list an we will email you when a space becomes available.

      Kind regards


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